Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nicole Margaretten - Visual and Sound Artist + Art GiveAway

Today we are going for an art trip to USA with HellsSewingCircle! I really like her work and I'm sure you also will :)

HellsSewingCircle's Story:

When I was a child I lived in a world of daydreams. Nylons and googly eyes became potatoes and I wanted to be a superhero even though I didn’t even read comic books. My feet dragged through the halls of conservative private schools and I became a child in dire need of a creative outlet. I was blessed to find a teacher at a local art center who broke down the process of drawing to me. She demonstrated techniques that I devoured rapidly and like a wildfire, drawing became my life and laid the foundation for seven years of art school.

To this day, drawing has given me a sense of purpose, a willingness to stretch my imagination and a heartfelt dedication to develop increasingly mature artwork. The process of creating is therapeutic for me and I place equal importance on my concepts and execution.

My work portrays a world where larger-than-life bacteria roam, neighborhoods blend into graveyards and repeating structures unravel or contribute to a growing mass. Pieced together, my drawings narrate a roller coaster of experiences and observations, from slums and palaces to personified food and the psychiatric ward. Such a combination stems from personal experience, international travel and psychological and physical illness. Some of my favorite influences include a monstrous mural of a cheeseburger in Caracas, crumbling architecture and factory wastelands, objects that don't belong and my own schizoaffective hallucinations.

The figures in my drawings are often located in trap door situations yet are oblivious to their uncertain outcomes. These scenarios create sensations of calmness in the midst of calamity and perseverance despite unmanageable odds. Sometimes I overreact to small situations while remaining composed when an actual catastrophe strikes. This kind of disconnect translates into my drawings frequently. I enjoy creating artwork that explores contradictions in subject matter and the display of inverted emotions. Even though my large drawings can be conceptually loaded, my sketches are often silly- helping me find relief from internal turmoil and enjoyment in simplicity.

I try to volunteer on a regular basis, helping those with serious illnesses or in need of improving their lifestyle. I opened my shop on Etsy for several reasons and it has become a way to raise money for a degree in International Affairs. I believe that through creativity and participation in the arts, a life and then a community can be transformed. Drawing is a way for me to share my story, tiny pieces at a time. It has brought wonderful opportunities, from sketching with children in South Africa to creating exhibitions for World AIDS Day. It opens doors and is a universal language, helping me stay centered, focused and productive.

I would like to thank Shapes and Memories for this opportunity and I hope that everyone has a wonderful and successful New Year!

You can find more information about Nicole and her art here:



You can make Nicole's Art a part of your life:



Spring Birds in Geometric World

The winer will get the print of Nicole's original delicate drawing:

Size: 8x10 inch
Printed: on glossy paper
Shipped: in a cello sleeve and in between two mat boards

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  1. I'm on Nicole's Etsy team and I love to curate treasuries. I frequently curate team treasuries, which, over time, involves looking at every single item in every single team shop, so I've been enjoying her work for many months.

    I've quite the hankering for Kansas Sky with a Small Hen. It's one of my favorite pieces on Etsy, not just the team. I'm a cloud freak and the sky is amazing. The work is whimsical and threatening at the same time.

    Our team members all have disabilities or are caretakers of a disabled person, and one thing most of us have in common is the ability to keep a sense of humor while being threatened by our various ailments, hence the appeal of this piece. Or it could be the really cool sky :o)

    I've hearted her shop, heck, I've long had individual pieces hearted plus I'm folloowing her on Twitter but have yet to tweet about anybody or anything, but I'm more than happy to spread the word!

  2. I really like the Poppy Seed Garden-- I've never seen anything like that before.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    My etsy username is secretcake.

  3. I like the story of cuba print