Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Stories. Part 1

It's been a long time since I made my last story-feature. But I still have some stories to tell! I hope you will enjoy them :)

Lilybud Designs' Story

The most unusual thing about me is that I'm a retired forensic artist (police sketch artist.) I started working with jewelry 7 years ago as a less stressful outlet for my art. I try to make pieces that are affordable yet unique. I get bored very easily and love trying new materials and methods, so variety is not a problem in my store!

Lilybud Designs' Shop (link)

Jenny Hoople's Story

My name is Jenny Hoople, my business is Authentic Arts. I chose that name because my life ethic is one of authenticity, a more authentic life is a more meaningful one, and, for me, an authentic life is one that's handmade. I live in Wisconsin with my little helper bunny and my husband. I make glamorous, colorful natural jewelry!
I choose knotted silk because I like its history, it's more romantic! I choose "natural" materials (stone, bone, wood, shell, silk) because even when altered by human ha

nds and arranged and strung by them, the beauty of the processes that formed them breaks through and dazzles me. The best part is that the I grow the grey job's tears seeds I use right in my own back yard!

Jenny Hoople's Shop (link)

Buddha Kitty Glass' Story

"Buddha Kitty Glass has a long and passionate relationship with all types of glass art. My love of glass goes back many years. During a college trip to Europe, I became fascinated with the stained glass in the cathedrals. Upon returning home to the United States, I took my first class in glasswork and learned how to make stained glass windows. This served as a wonderful introduction to the world of glass art. From there I began to learn glass bead making and became intrigued by the amazing transformation that takes place in glass once heat is applied. These glass beads became parts of handmade jewelry that I gave to friends and occasionally sold at small craft fairs.
A cross-country move and new neighbors served as my introduction to fused glass. My new neighbors commented on a glass bead necklace I had made which turned into a discussion about kiln formed glass. My neighbor’s mother taught fused glass. We talked about my fascination with glass she suggested I try one of her mother’s class. I signed up for her class and was immediately captivated by kiln formed glass. Shortly after the class, I purchased my first small kiln and began perfecting the art of fused glass in my basement.
Several years later and after a few more classes in fused glass techniques, I relocated back to the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle, Washington area is renowned for its glass art and became a wonderful location to continue to pursue fused glass. I continued my study of fused glass and kiln formed glass at Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle. After several years of learning new warm glass techniques and studying under some phenomenal artists, I decide to try my hand at selling my work. Thus in January 2009, I launched Buddha Kitty Glass."

Buddha Kitty Glass' Blog (link)
Buddha Kitty Glass' Facebook (link)
Buddha Kitty Glass' Flickr (link)

Buddha Kitty Glass' Shop (link)

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  1. Hi! I think Lilybuds art is awesome and what a cool an interesting life style
    I'm here from Etsys blog forums and visiting your blog was very enjoyable thanks!

  2. Ohh my, Authentic Arts...beautiful and very colourful - perfect for spring!!

  3. I like Jenny Hoople's story. Life sounds beautiful there. Also love the "falling water" necklace in her shop!

  4. I like Lilybud Designs' Story and art. I'm here from your Etsy post about the feature. Thanks!


  5. HI! I'm the Cheeky Girl from and I'm soooo ready for SPRING! This week has been the first week my five year old daughter and I have been able to go out and enjoy the sun, and walk the dog for hours! :)The tulips and daffodils make me so happy to know that Spring is almost upon us!

  6. I love Buddha Kitty Glass. This is a great Etsy shop full of amazing peices. Glasswork has alsways fascinated me, I admire the talent! :)

    Mel's Art Buffet

  7. I wandered over from the Etsy forums and really enjoyed your blog! All of the featured artists are fantastic, but I love Lilybud's jewelry. Particularly, the necklace on the left.

    Here is my store if you'd kindly consider me for a feature.


  8. I love the multicolored stone earrings in Authentic Arts store. Those are very eye-catching. Please check my store out at

  9. My favorite is Buddha Kitty Glass. I also love working with glass and I love all of her work.

    I would love to be featured! If you choose to feature me I will add a link to your blog on the “We’ve Been Featured” page of my blog!



    I also commented on your Etsy forum. Thank you so much for your consideration!


  10. I like Buddha Kitty Glass, i LOVE that first photo, its absolutely STUNNING!

    I would love to be featured to :)

  11. I'd love to be in forensics - so I pick Lilybuds.

    Thanks, kg

  12. I love Lilybuds art! Beautiful items :)

  13. I like Lilybud's Designs best. Great post! Thanks for helping to promote other Etsy shops.

    My Etsy shop is

    I commented on the forum, and I'd like to be considered. :) Thanks!