Friday, July 6, 2012

JullMade's Summer Memories

Please meet Yuliya from Jull Made and enjoy her summer story!


What is it about summer, that you like most?
I find summer very inspiring. I can't stop admiring, how everything that surrounds us blossoms from a little seed. I look forward to every summer. It's the time when I get to spend time with my family away from the busy streets of the city and enjoy the summer sea breeze.
These are really wonderful moments.

Where did you spend summer vacations, when you were a child? What are your favourite memories of that time?
I had a wonderful childhood. My parents worked in a summer resort where we had a small apartment and often got to spend the night there. At night I would fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up to the sound of the early risers walking, children playing on the beach and seagulls gliding near the sea.
Other days I would spent time with my grandmother who had a big garden and grew a lot of different fruits and vegetables. I still remember the taste of freshly picked tomatoes and peaches.

If you could only read one book all summer long, what book would it be?
Tough question because I have too many favourite authors. I love stories of Graham Green, like Erich Maria Remarque and Hemingway, but if I have to choose a book for the summer I think it would be something F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote. Perhaps: "Tender is the Night ".

What music makes you feel summer?
My favorites band ever is "Queen". But any catchy tune or melody brings out summer feelings for me.

If you were to make a summer-film-list, which films would you put on it?
In my summer - film - list I'd include all films staring Robert Redford. On top of the list will be Out Of Africa where he stared with Meryl Streep. It's a very special one for me.

What is you favourite DIY summer project?
Summer is a wonderful period for all projects. I like to collect many different natural materials: sea pebbles, twigs, flowers, leaves and whatever  encounter that I can be used for a project later on.
I particularly  enjoy making plaster casts from leaves and flowers, then use them for my polymer clay jewelry.

Thank you Yuliya for this lovely summer inspirations!

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