Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hogenbirkknitwear's Summer Memories

Please meet Erica from Hogenbirkknitwear and her lovely creations!


What is it about summer, that you like most?
I like most of the summer the long day's light. Spending more time outside, having my morning coffee in the garden, making holiday plans and plan to do some studio work outside.

Where did you spend summer vacations, when you were a child? What are your favourite memories of that time?
As a child we spend many vacations in the mountains in Europe (the Alps or Scandinavia) The best memories I have is that we as a family spend some nice and cosy weeks together. We made walks through flower fields, rivers & snow, camping wild, see wildlife close by and at the end of the holiday we always made cheese fondue.

Do you have any story to tell, about something special, that happened to you in summer?
When I was a student at the School of Art I hitch hiked with a friend to Bretagne in France. We had no money to spend and on the beach we discovered mussels. We collected a bag full, cooked them and ate some...They were full of sand because we forgot to wash them... we had no diner. This was once but never again!

What music makes you feel summer?

Could you share a recipe of one of your favourite summer dishes?
Tabouleh with so many fresh herbs as you like.

250 gr couscous ( pour over half a liter boiling water, set aside, cook and cool)
2 red onions, cut in thin rings
6 ripe tomatoes, remove seeds, cut into small cubes
1/2 cucumber, remove seeds, cut into small cubes
juice of halve a lemon
a lot ( or a hand full) of fresh herbs like: 
basil, coriander, mint, parsley, wash and finely chop
-stir together and serve cold

What is you favourite DIY summer project?
I love to collect stones, antlers, plants from nature.They inspire me for prints, colours, photo's etc.

Thank you Erica for a great story! 

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