Friday, November 2, 2012

The Micromentalist's Autumn Memories

Please meet Cara from The Micromentalist and her art!

What is it about autumn, that you like most?

What is your favourite kind of rain?
I live in the desert. Any rain is good rain, be it a heavy summer monsoon or a light autumn drizzle.


What is you favourite DIY autumn project?
Decking out the front porch for Halloween. Our porch gets more elaborate every year. It sounds creepy to say, but my husband and I get a kick out of scaring little kids. To us, that feeling of startled delight one gets when watching a horror movie (or having someone jump out from behind a door and yell "boo") is priceless.

Dear Cara thank you so much for your story!

Please visit Cara's shop and website and find her on facebook.

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