Friday, July 27, 2012

Akkord's Summer Memories

Please meat lovely Ladies from Akkord and their summer yarn magic!

What is it about summer, that you like most?
The smells! The sequence in which the various flowers come to bloom during the summer.

Do you have any story to tell, about something special, that happened to you in summer?
All three of us had a great summer together once, in a small village in Hungary, by a lake, sharing a wee house with a few students, and spending the days just crafting/teaching – weaving, braiding, felting, basket making, filling the evenings with amazing meals made from local produce, drinking milk from the cows next door! 

If you could only read one book all summer long, what book would it be?
It's been the most miserable summer in Scotland – all rain for a few months now – so on a friend's recommendation we've been re-discovering The Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez … there's amazing passages in it about the never-stopping rain :-)

What music makes you feel summer?
Reggae, in any shape or form :-)

Could you share a recipe of one of your favourite summer dishes?
It's not really a dish – our favourite summer thing must be elderflower drink! Just pick the flowers, wash, put it in a jar with water, slices of lemon and sugar / or honey, and leave it in the fridge for a few days – voilà! The most refreshing beautiful drink ever.

 What is you favourite DIY summer project?
Anything that we can do in the garden, in the shade of a big tree, by the sound of buzzing bees.

Thank you Akkord Ladies for the wonderful story!!!

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