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Brittamanger's Summer Memories

Please meet Britta from brittamanger and enjoy her summer creations!

What is it about summer, that you like most?
I guess what I like most about summer is the impression that everything gets warmed up by the sun after waking up from a beauty sleep. It all happens outdoors and you can make bicycle tours and have a picnic on a meadow full of flowers. That´s unbeatable to me. I love to cook and bake and the variety of freshly reaped fruits and vegetables from the garden is wonderful.

 Do you have any story to tell, about something special, that happened to you in summer?
On a trip to Lisbon we had to stay longer cause of the volcano in Iceland. That was one of my best vacations. I love the city and it was my first trip together with my sister. We stayed at a hostel where in the evening everybody ate together and so after the first meal we knew 20 amazing people. We made a lot in common like we were old friends and till now I have contact to some of them. That was an amazing time cause it really felt like we live in Lisbon, not just being a tourist.

If you could only read one book all summer long, what book would it be?
When I find an interesting book I deliberately read it very slowly to have more time with it. I loved the book "The Shadow of the Wind" from Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n. The book describes a mystical Barcelona and the fascination of written words. I especially like the place called the secret Cemetery of Forgotten Books. It´s a library full of old, forgotten books lovingly preserved by a few initiates. During my studies I lived in Barcelona for 6 months and I am very sad I didn´t read it while I was there. But I recognize a lot of streets and areas whilst reading the book.

What music makes you feel summer?
At the moment I am delighted about the Emerald Isle - Ireland. "If I ever leave this world alive" from Flogging Molly and "The Galway Girl" from Steve Earle makes me always dream of vacations. "First day of my life" from Bright Eyes is a brilliant lovesong for summer, especially because of the nice video they made.
"Fake Foxes" from Sizarr because of his incredible voice and the beat.

If you were to make a summer-film-list, which films would you put on it?
"Moonrise Kingdom" - just brilliant;
"Frida" - love the music and Salma Hayek;
"The Secret in Their Eyes" - my favourite movie, the authentic actors are brilliant;
"Charade" - the classics and Audrey and Cary are the best!
"Lars and the Real Girl" - very affecting, I like the mood and the idea. 
"Adams Apples" - cool story and very funny.
"P.S. I love You" - silly title but one of my favourites cause of the idea and Ireland.

Could you share a recipe of one of your favourite summer dishes?
This recipe is very tasty and easy to make. And it´s convenient cause you can use your "old" bread.

Cherry Bread:

7 Breads (don´t take fresh breads, it´s better if they´re a bit dry and hard)
1/2 litre of lukewarm milk
100 g butter
150 g sugar
3 egg yolks 
1 pack of vanilla sugar
750 g cherries (you can use fresh cherries but glassed morello cherry are better and much easier)
3 whipped egg white
1 pinch of salt

200 degree
45 minutes 

Cut the breads into thin slices and put them into the milk. Let it permeate a little bit. 
Whilst put the butter and sugar together and stir it fluffy. 
Fold in 3 egg yolks and one pack of vanilla sugar. 
Add it to the bread and also the cherries. 
Fold in carefully the whipped egg white and the salt. 
Fill everything in the baking dish and put the crumbs and butter on top. 
Preheat the oven and bake it in the centre for nearly 45 minutes. 

Hope you enjoy my favourite recipe!

What is you favourite DIY summer project?
I am moving in August. In my new flat I have a balcony for the first time in my life. My DIY project is is to plant herbs on it and make it very cosy. I know hat´s not really a DIY project, but since Birdtoldme is my full-time job in my free time I am happy doing something totally different. But I guess that folding birds and foxes on the balcony among herbs and flowers sounds like a perfect match. 

 Thank you Britta for your lovely story!

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