Friday, November 27, 2009

November Stories. Part II

What can I say about RuLuDesigns Shop? Well... I WISH I WERE A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!! ... or had one :)))))

RuLuDesigns' Story:

I stay at home with my two awesome daughters, Ruby and Lucy (hence the RuLu Desgins). I have always been crafty and enjoy lots of different kinds of crafts. I always liked working on projects with friends to relax and have fun (wine helps too). Then I had children and started making special things for them...which turned into making things for my friends who were having kids...which turned into selling my stuff to people I don't even know! I've tried craft fairs and found they are the pits so for now I am sticking to word of mouth (referrals) and Etsy. I've only been on Etsy for about a month. So far, so good. I enjoy making my decorative blocks and owl lovies most of all (though it's all fun!)

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